Critical reviews of my interactive artwork as illustrative of new trends in technology-based media arts are forthcoming in several printed works including book publications by:


Frank Popper ("Virtual Art: New Media Artists and their role within some XXI century issues", MIT Press)
Robert Russett ("HYPERANIMATION: Digital Images and Virtual Worlds", John Libbey and Company)
Mel Alexenberg ("Concerning the Spiritual in Art of the Electronic Age", MIT Press)
Slavko Kacunko ("Closed Circuit Installations")
among others.


"Artintact 1- 5" DVD; The Center for Art and Media (ZKM) Karlsruhe, Germany 2002
contains "Lovers Leap" CD-ROM Installation and Accompanying Essay by Timothy Druckery

Mary Warner Marie ("Photography: A Cultural History, Autumn 2002)



From the left: 1. the book cover: Miroslaw Rogala: Gestures of Freedom. Works 1975-2000: published in 2001. 2. Self-Portrait with A Blue Laser Light; Photograph with Laser, 1980; 3.The Great Wall of China; Interactive PHSCologram,1997 4. TV POLONIA Studio, Warsaw, Poland; a live interview with Miroslaw Rogala, March 13, 2001.


June 22 - September 2, 2001

Digital: Printmaking Now - exhibition at Brooklyn Museum (New York), Group Exhibition. Interactive PHScologram " The Great Wall of China" (collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago).  Interactive Media artist Miroslaw Rogala is one of the artists featured in the Digital: Printmaking Now exhibition, June 22-September 2, organized by the Brooklyn (NY) Museum of Art. The exhibition is one of the first to examine the use of digital technology in the art of printmaking, including traditionally printed works that have been manipulated digitally and those created entirely with computers.

September 2001

Solo Exhibition: Oskar Friedl Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.

November 9, 2001

Audio Art Festival, Krakow, Poland. Michael Iber, Berlin pianist, and Miroslaw Rogala collaborate in a musical performance installation and concert featuring interactive media elements and original compositions by Rogala. Krakow, Poland.


Virtual Photography studies for Miroslaw Rogala's epic work-in-progress, Divided We Stand, are currently included in the International Print Bienniale exhibition at Brooklyn (NY) Museum, June-July, 2001 and were featured at the Galleria in Wroclaw, Poland, November 20 - December 6, 2000. These studies feature (V)User interactive PHSColograms with sound.

Miroslaw Rogala: Gestures of Freedom. Works, 1975-2000. Solo Exhibition. Traveling Exhibition sponsored by national museums in Poland, with catalogue and essays by Roy Ascott, Sean Cubitt, Elaine King, Ryszard W. Kluszczynski, Miroslaw Rogala, and Lynne Warren. The Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland , opened March 2, 2001 and continued in Krakow, Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery, April 15 - May 29, 2001 


Pictured from the left: 1. Pulso-Funktory; pre-interactive light and sound installation, 1975 - 79 (tecornstructed for Poland traveling exhibition); 2. Divided We Sing: a sound interactive installation for (v)users), 1999; 3. Gesture with Light: a photographic performance with John Boesche, 1980; 4. Krakow: A Photograph from the Market Square and Sukiennice in Krakow, Poland, photo by Miroslaw Rogala, April, 2001.


2001 World Premieres in Gestures of Freedom, The Ehibition on Poland:

1. Video Works: Performances for Video; 1980-82 including a collaborative work with Shigeko Kubota Polish-Japanese Piece, 1980

2. Studies for Lovers Leap; 1994-1995. Collaborative sequences with Ford Oxaal  (Minds-Eye View Perspective Software)


The Gala: Americans in Brooklyn presented on May 9, 2001, on the campus of Brooklyn College with 3 channel prerecorded media, live multi-camera transmission and live performances. Pictured: the settings and the view from the stage.

Interactive multimedia art elements, including a 3 channel synchronized video installation, The Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge), under the supervision and coordination of Professor Rogala and the Brooklyn College Performance and Interactive Media Arts program (PIMA) were highlighted in a multimedia evening entitled Americans in Brooklyn presented on May 9, 2001, on the campus of Brooklyn College, a division of the City Colleges of New York.


Miroslaw Rogala: The Bridge, 3 channel video installlation / 3 synchronized projections, 3 minutes, original music by Miroslaw Rogala, 2001


Miroslaw. Rogala presented lectures and demonstrations as a Visiting Artist at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Institute of Art and Design, April 1, 2001.

Miroslaw Rogala was featured in Artist's Talks and presentations at the Centres for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland during March 2001; Krakow, Poland in April 2001; and the WRO 2000 Media Festival in Wroclaw, Poland in November, 2000.

Original musical compositions by Miroslaw Rogala were included in the International Electro-Acoustic Music Festival at Brooklyn College, City University of New York, in Spring, 2001

Divided We See, (V)user Interactive Media Installation, a new Rogala commission for the Drexel University Design Arts Gallery, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania USA, premiered Feb 7 Apr 12, 2001. The solo interactive multimedia exhibit consisted of interactive video projection, sound, and text composed by Miroslaw Rogala. Collaborations: John Friedman, Werner Herterich and Joe Reitzer.

Original Musical Compositions by Miroslaw Rogala were performed by the Berlin contemporary pianist Michael Iber, at the opening reception for the Rogala exhibition and installation, Divided We See, at Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, Feb 7, 2001. Iber performed the world premieres of. Rogala's interactive piano and mixed-media pieces "Year of Passion", "Lovers Leap", and "Human Factor".

"Transcultural Visions: Polish American Contemporary Art", Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, January 14 - March 3, 2001, includes Rogala's Transformed City Series (photography).

Divided We Sing (V)User Interactive Sound Installation "Art in Output" Exhibition Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands, November 2- 23, 2000. Miroslaw.Rogala was the only USA artist represented.

Lovers Leap interactive CD-ROM installation was included in a Taipei,Taiwan group exhibition , November 17-27, 2000, and exhibited July - November, 2000 at the Schlossmuseum in Murnau, Germany, and August 2 -31, 2000 at the Spain-Cordoba Cultural Center, in Cordoba, Argentina. The artwork by Professor Rogala is in the sixth year of continuous exhibition and has been viewed in 34 countries to date.

Miroslaw Rogala participated in Interactive Media Arts as a panelist in the national art Symposium entitled, Dialectics of Interactivity: Art and the Public sponsored by Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, February, 7, 2001. Other speakers included Margo Lovejoy. Perry Hoberman, Margaret Morse, Adrienne Wortzel, Christiane Paul, Peter D1Agostino and Natalie Jeremijenko.



Miroslaw Rogala: Gestures of Freedom. Works 1975-2000. Edited by Ryszard W. Kluszczynski. Exhibition Catalogue. Essays by Roy Ascott, Sean Cubitt, Elaine King, Margot Lovejoy, Miroslaw Rogala, and Lynne Warren. Warsaw, Poland: Centre for Contemporary Art. 2001. 150 pages

Spoleczenstwo informacyjne. Cyberkultura. Sztuka multimediow. By Ryszard W. Kluszczynski Wydawnictwo Rabid, Krakow 2001, 220 pages

I Wanted to Touch the Words: 3 Projects, an essay by Dr. Rogala, appears in COIL. Journal of the Moving Image, issue # 9/10, November, 2000.

Strategies for Interactive Public Art: Dynamic Mapping with Group Behaviour and Multi-Linked Experience. by Miroslaw Rogala, Ph. D. Doctoral thesis. includes dissertation, interactive CD-ROM, and videotape. Newport, Wales: CaiiA/STAR, University of Wales College. October, 2000

Reframing Consciousness: Art, Mind And Technology, edited by Roy Ascott, includes essay by Miroslaw Rogala. Paperback edition released September 2000.

Cover illustration [Photographic Documentation: Transformed City Series #1 {Krakow}]. CHICAGO REVIEW, Vol. 46, nos 3 & 4, Fall issue

Book for the Electronic Art by A.R. Arjen Mulden and Maaike Post. Contains Lovers Leap descriptive. Rotterdam, Holland: V_2 Organisatie, 2000.



Revista de Arte Sonoro no 5. CD-ROM including interactive music documentation of Dr. Rogala's interactive audience (v)user installation, Divided We Speak/Divided We Stand. Centro de Creation Experimental. Centro de La Beneficencia, Valencia, Spain. Fall, 2000



During April 2001 and November 2000, Dr. Rogala was featured in six National Polish radio and four National Polish television interviews in Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow, Poland.

Miroslaw Rogala' participation in solo and group exhibitions were noted in newspaper articles in Eindhoven, Holland; Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow, Poland; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Drexel University website included a description of the Rogala exhibition, Divided We See, and related articles including a feature presentation on March 9, 2001, entitled "Polish Artist's Exhibit Hoped To Create Cultural Exchange".

new email: rogala@rogala.org

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