"Art Compensates for Mortality..."


"The Shoemakers", The Famous Door Theatre (Director: Shira Piven), Chicago, Illinois. Single channel video for a large screen projection (April 25- June)

"Life During Wartime": Center Theatre Ensemble and Wisdom Bridge Theatre (Director: Michael Maggio), Chicago, Illinois. Single channel video for multiple monitors (February 10 - March)

"Macbeth": The Byrne Piven Theater (Director: Byrne Piven), Evanston, Illinois (November 4 - Dec 18). "The Witches Scenes": video and sound installation/performance. Original music by Miroslaw Rogala. Sound design and arrangements by Lucien Vector. Videotape produced in cooperation with Optimus, Inc. with additional postproduction provided by Swell Pictures, Chicago.

"Sunday In The Park With George": The Goodman Theater (Director, Michael Maggio), Chicago, Illinois: 3 channel video installation/performance with slides (John Boesche) (June 15 - October 5)

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