"Art Compensates for Mortality..."


ALBEN, L. 1998. In Ordering Our World We Order Ourselves...: Electronic Garden NatuRealization, in At the Heart of Interaction Design. CD-ROM. Boston, MA: Design Management Institute/ DMI Media Re: Source. Contains Electronic Garden/ NatuRealization excerpts and documentation.

ARTINTACT 2. 1995. Lovers Leap by Miroslaw Rogala in Artintact 2, CD-ROMagazine. Contains Lovers Leap CD-ROM Interactive Installation and T. Druckrey. 1995. Lovers Leap: Taking the Plunge: Points of Entry... Points of Departure (essay, pp. 2, 54-81, 108-109). Produced by the artists and Karlsruhe, Germany: Zentrum Fur Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe/ The Center For Art and New Media Technology. Published by Frankfurt, Germany: Canz Verlag.

PRAT, T., RASPAIL, T. and REY, G. (Curators). 1996. Lovers Leap by Miroslaw Rogala in Biennale d'Art Contemporain de Lyon. CD-ROM Interactive Work. Edited and published by the Reunion des Musees Nationaux (J. L. Boissier, Supervisor); Lyon, France, 1996 (English/ French). Contains Lovers Leap excerpts and artist interview.

ROGALA, M. 1999. Strategies for Interactive Public Art: Dynamic Mapping with Group Behaviour and Multi-Linked Experience. CD-ROM. Chicago, IL: Outerpretation, Inc. Contains selections of the artist¹s 1975 - 1999 media works.


Divided We Stand/Divided We Speak. 1997. Total time: 20 minutes. Selections of original compositions, music, poetry, and readings by Urszula Dudziak, Jennifer Guo, Werner Herterich, Ken Nordine, and Miroslaw Rogala. Chicago, Illinois: Outerpretation, Inc. Limited Artist Edition. Package and contents ©1997, Miroslaw Rogala.

Nature Is Leaving Us. 1994. Original compositions by Miroslaw Rogala. Total time: 42:30 minutes. Vocals, improvisations, and original songs by Urszula Dudziak. Sound Design and Arrangements by Lucien Vector and Richard Woodbury. Limited Artist Edition. Package and contents ©1994, Miroslaw Rogala.

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