"Art Compensates for Mortality..."


1995 "LOVERS LEAP" Interactive Multimedia Installation work. 2 Projection Screens (6x4 meters), Space (30x15 meters), 2 Computers, 2 laser disks, Audio CD-Compact, 4 channel sound. Wireless/Ultrasonic Headphones for the viewer, Collaboration with Ludger Hovestadt and Ford Oxaal. Produced at ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany.

1995 DEAF, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, Rotterdam, Holland (November 21-26) MULTIMEDIALE 4, ZKM/The Center for Art and Media Technology, Karlsruhe ( Installation Premiere, May 12-21) Art Exposition, Navy Pier, Chicago, Oskar Friedl Gallery (May 10-17, videotape excerpts) Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (April 25, videotape excerpts) Arsenal Gallery, BWA , Bialystok, Poland (January 26, videotape excerpts) 1994 Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden (November 5, videotape excerpts)

"LOVERS LEAP" CD-ROM Interactive Work: "Artintact2", produced by the artist and ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany, published by Verlag Cantz, "Lovers Leap: Taking the Plunge: Points of Entry... Points of Departure" essay by Timothy Druckrey. Published by Canz Verlag: Frankfurt, Germany, 1995 (English/German)

1996-"Photography After Photography" , Siemens AG Kultur Programm Travelling Exhibit 1997 Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland (November 10, 1996-January 7, 1997)

1996 "Photography After Photography" , Siemens AG Kultur Programm Travelling Exhibit Museet for Fotokunst, Odense, Denmark (August 16-September 22/29) Stadtische Galerie Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany (July 9-August 6) Brandenburgische Kunstammiungen Cottbus, Cottbus, Germany (May 5/12-June 23) Kunsthalle Krems, Krems, Austria (March 1-April 14) Aktionsforum Pratinsel, Munich, Germany (December 12, 1995-February 11, 1996) ("Photography After Photography"premiere)

"Burning The Interface", International Artists CD-ROM traveling exhibition Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia (March 26-June 30) ' 5 other locations in Australia and New Zealand

Art 1996 Chicago, International Art Exposition, Navy Pier, Chicago (May 9-14) 1995 ATypI, Barcelona, Spain (September 21-25) ISEA'95, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Montreal, Canada (September 17-25) Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia (late summer) International Video Biennale, Fukui, Japan (August 6-13) Mediascape International Symposium, Zagreb, Croatia (June 24-29) Eroffnung des Fernstudienzentrums , Karlsruhe, Germany (June 22) 24th Festival International du Noveau Cenema and Video , Montreal, Canada (June 8-18) Pique-Nique Multimedia, Art 3000, Jouy en Josas (June 5) MULTIMEDIALE4, ZKM/The Center for Art and Media Technology, Karlsruhe (Premiered May 13-21) WRO95, Wroclaw, Poland (May 3-7) (prevue)

"LOVERS LEAP" CD-ROM Interactive Work: "Biennale d'Art Contemporain de Lyon", edited and published by the Reunion des Musees Nationaux ( Thierry Prat, Thierry Raspail and Georges Rey, Curators; Jean-Louis Boissier, Supervisor); Lyon, France, 1996 (English/French)

1996 Third Biennale d'Art Contemporain , Lyon, France (December 18, 1995 - February 18, 1996)(Premiere)

"CLAIM YOUR POWER" Interactive Video/Multimedia Installation work, 2 channel video (4" and 27" monitor) with synchronized slide projections and 2 channel sound. (Work-in-Progress)

"ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: THE LAST SYMPOSIUM" An Interactive Video Theatre work. Large-Scale Video/multimedia installation in collaboration with painter Ed Paschke and word-jazz composer Ken Nordine. (Work-in-Progress)

1992 SIGGRAPH '92: Chicago, Illinois, videotape excerpts, videowall installation (July 26-31) Consulate of Polish Republic: Chicago, Illinois, videotape excerpts, with Ed Paschke (May 4)

"INSTRUCTIONS PER SECOND" Multimedia Performance work. Pre-recorded two-channel video and live performance in collaboration with installation artist Carolee Schneemann. (Work-in-Progress)

"PERSONAL SPACE" Interactive Multimedia Installation work. Projection Screen (6x4 meter), Computer, laser disks, Audio CD- Compact, 2 channel sound. Wireless/Ultrasonic Headphones for the viewer, Collaboration with Ludger Hovestadt and Ford Oxaal. (Work-in-Progress)

1990 "CHICAGO DESIGNS: ARCHITECTURE, FASHION, PHOTOGRAPHY" Single channel videowall installation, 15 minutes, Color, single channel video (programmed videowall, 16 monitors). Original music by Miroslaw Rogala. Sound design and arrangements by Lucien Vector. Voice and words by Ken Nordine. Co-sponsored by the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, the Apparel Industry Board, Inc., and the Chicago Athenaeum: Center for Art, Architecture, and Urban Affairs. Produced in cooperation with Swell Pictures and I.P.A., Chicago.

1991 Sony Gallery of Consumer Electronics: Chicago, Illinois, videotape (Dec 11) 1990 Chicago Public Library Cultural Center: Chicago, Illinois (Premiere. Programmed Videowall with 16 monitors, video laser disc continuous playback, stereo sound. Gallery exhibition; Oct 20-Dec 20)

1986 "LOVE AMONG MACHINES", Video Installation, 9:15 minutes, Color, Stereo, multimedia (single channel video with live dance) Collaboration with Amy Osgood (dance) and John Boesche. Original music by Richard Woodbury.

1987 Moming Dance Center: Chicago, Illinois (June); Premiere performance. Multimedia and video with live dance. Dancers: Amy Osgood Dance Company. 1986 CBS-TV: Chicago, Illinois "Two on 2 : Rogala Art". Producer: Jim Hatfield (May 18 and Sept 14)

1984 "DIA /LOG" (with John Boesche), Video/Slides Installation 10 minutes, Color, Mono, single channel video, synchronous slides. Sound collaboration with Richard Woodbury.

1984 Anthology Film Archives: New York City, New York (November 15) ARC Gallery: Chicago, Illinois (September; Premiere performance).

1983 "QUESTIONS TO ANOTHER NATION", Video Installation 17 minutes, Color, 4 channel video installation, 4 channel sound, synchronized playback, sound collaboration with Christopher Wargin.

1984 Anthology Film Archives: New York City, New York (November 15) The Center For New Television: Chicago, Illinois (Feb 3 and January 27) 1983 Cupples House Gallery/St. Louis University: St. Louis, Missouri (October) The School of The Art Institute of Chicago: Chicago, Illinois (Sept 22, July 22) (May 11, Premiere installation).

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