"Art Compensates for Mortality..."

Miroslaw Rogala
329 West 18th Street, Suite 900, Chicago, Illinois, 60616, USA
Telephone: (312)-243-2952; Fax: (312)-666-0772; email: rogala@rogala.org; URL: www.rogala.org


Miroslaw Rogala: Artist Statement

A central concept of my artworks is 'freedom of speech.' My understanding of freedom and democracy is not only "rights"and "privileges" ­ the traditional definition in the USA ­ but also of responsibilities.

Interactive Media give audiences the ³right² to work on the content and even on the form of the work; it also entails, in the shift of emphasis from artist to (v)user*, a shift of responsibility for the work. The participant's interactions therefore become integral to the work to the extent that the (v)user takes up that responsibility, chooses the amount of time and involvement each cares to give, and is rewarded accordingly. In this way creativity can be shared, and is integral to the work, but only when the (v)users learn, not just the interface mechanisms, but the principles of democratic responsibility for their actions as well.

This extends, in my most recent work, to have responsibility for the mutuality of social interactions, both with others in the same geographical space and now with (v)users linked via computer-mediated communication networks in remote locations. The intent of my works has grown from the individualıs responsibility for his/her experience to the social construction of the work by multiple (v)users ­ a more complex model of democratic artistic experience ­ and finally towards the practical construction of an utopian network, in which the possibilities and demands of global media democracy can be explored.

Miroslaw Rogala

Copyright 2000

*(V)User is a term introduced by Miroslaw Rogala in early 1998 to discuss participants who are both viewers and users in the interaction with the artwork and between themselves.

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