This page is under construction. In the meantime, Miroslaw Rogala wishes to acknowlege project contributions:

Divided We Speak

An interactive multimedia laboratory of Miroslaw Rogala's Divided We Stand

(An audience interactive media symphony in six movements)

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

August 30-November 9, 1997

"Can or should a moral or social metaphor be constructed on the fact that far more energy is released by coming together (nuclear fusion) than coming apart (fission)? We are confronted with a transitory landscape..." Miroslaw Rogala, 1996

(above)Miroslaw Rogala. Artist's conceptual sketch, 1997.

(above) Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.
Audience interacts with PHSColograms in the Electronic Gallery

"Our experience is no longer a continuity" Miroslaw Rogala, 1997